Cashmere is one of the most precious, finest and highest quality wool types. It is obtained from the underfur of cashmere goats. The very fine natural fibers not only ensure a feather-light and high wearing comfort, they also provide excellent thermal insulation and therefore keep you pleasantly warm even at low temperatures.


As experts in the luxury product cashmere, the production in hand-picked spinning and weaving mills enables us to produce this extraordinary quality, which has been leading the market for over 30 years. Due to our close cooperation with renowned specialists, which has been proven over many years, we can rely on the first-class quality of the yarns supplied: Cashmere from Mongolia, Merino from Australia and cotton from Egypt are processed under constant personal on-site inspections in all processes to the highest quality.

Innovative knitting and weaving techniques, developed by us, create striking and extraordinary pieces. Each collection comprises a perfectly harmonized range of products in which all colors and designs match our unmistakable Signature Pieces tone on tone.


At what intervals should I wash my cashmere sweaters?

It depends on the wearing frequency. At the latest after every fourth use. In between, it is sufficient to hang the sweater out in the fresh air overnight.

Machine-wash or hand-wash?

A machine wash in the wool programme is better than any hand wash. If possible, only wash cold and spin at the lowest speed.

For hand wash only use lukewarm water and never leave the pullover in the water for longer than necessary. Rinse several times with clear water – do not wring, but carefully squeeze and roll up in a towel. Important: Do not use chemicals

How do I remove nodules?

We recommend the HEMISPHERE Cashmere comb. With this comb the unwanted nodules can be easily removed from the cashmere.

Which detergent should I use?

For best results you should use our HEMISPHERE Cashmere Lotion, which was developed especially for cashmere and cashmere silk. Please do not use fabric softener, as it is completely unsuitable for cashmere.

How can I dry cashmere?

We recommend drying in a dryer with cold air for a maximum of 30 minutes and then layed out flat to dry. Cashmere should not be hung on a hanger for drying.

How do I remove stains?

Do not soak and brush, otherwise the sweater will become matted. Apply HEMISPHERE Cashmere Lotion undiluted to the stain and wash it carefully as instructed.

Where is the best place to keep/store cashmere?

Store cashmere preferably in a dark and cool place. Do not store hanging. It is recommended to store the cashmere sweater in a sealable plastic bag to prevent moth infestation.